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How to Double Your Blog Traffic Month Over Month (BONUS: Blogging Boost Printable)

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I started my blogging journey back in March. I knew some of what I should be doing, but honestly was pretty much a non-blogger who had never really read blogs when I started. I was as new as they come. That being said, I knew how to market and I already understood the social media game. From past experience, it was blatantly obvious that if I didn’t offer new reasons for people to come to my website that it would sit still and stagnant.

How to Double Your Blog Traffic Month Over Month (BONUS: Blogging Boost Printable)  |  Think Creative Collective

Back when I didn’t operate a blog and I just had a stale website sitting there, I would get excited when I got more than a couple of viewers a day. Yes, like 5 was a huge day for me. Now, a great day for me is having around 650+ visitors. As you grow your expectations change. And I am sure these won’t always be my expectations.

In my first 3 months of blogging, I was able to double my blog traffic month over month, which is pretty amazing for a newbie. I can’t guarantee my methods will work for everyone, but here is what I have done to make it possible!

Quality + Quantity

I have always been a bit of go big or go home type. But follow through beyond like a week or two for me is hard (when I am the only person holding me accountable) – hence diets failing, workouts petering out, etc. I knew with blogging if I committed I had to keep going. And seeing the results has definitely made it worth it! MY READERS ROCK! 

I decided to write 5 blog posts a week. Not just a couple hundred words a day, I am talking quality content here. Generally, when I type my posts up in Word they average 2 to 5 pages, yes, single-spaced.

As you build up your library of content you will notice readers don’t always land at the current state in your journey. They might end up reading a post that is months old. Take this to your benefit. You may reach a point, which I believe I have where adding so much new content people can no longer keep up. This does not mean I will be any less engaged or change any of my quality, but posting my 99th post today I am excited and relieved to announce I will be moving to 4 days a week. This was a calculated decision, but I think both my sanity and my shoulder could use it! 

Planning & Analysis

As I continued to roll out new content week after week, I carefully assessed what was working and what wasn’t. I would use Google Analytics and the built in Squarespace Analytics to see which posts were the most popular and where people would linger the longest. 

I came up with methods to brainstorm new content, posing questions to myself and even my readers. I have done reader surveys and have also polled my newsletter subscribers. 

Here are a few of my favorite posts to help you plan & analyze:

Social Media

Being present online has been a major part of my success. Both growing and engaging my audience, while also reinventing how I utilize the platform. You will find me and my business partner present daily on Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook.

Here is some of my best advice on social media use:






Stay Organized

There is no way I could have grown at the rate or pace I have without staying organized. Knowing when I am going to post, the topic, the outline and all the assets needed ahead of time. 

Here is some tips on keeping it all together:

Your Free Blog Boost Weekly Worksheet

At Think Creative Collective we want to continue to help you grow and reach your potential. We want to see you succeed and be proud of how far you have come. We want you to go after a life and a business that you love.

And because we just love our readers and want to encourage them (that's you) we have created a printable perfect for keeping your blog on track. You can use it as your planning tool to title new content. Keep it around to check off your engagement across social media platforms. And assess the results every week - "hearting" your favorites and seeing the real traffic numbers. We would suggest printing one a week and using it to track for the next month. See if it helps you stay on task. See if there is new growth. Use it to see what is and isn’t working. Keep it in a binder so you can come back and look at it later. 

What tools or resources have you used to generate new blog traffic?


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