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5 Tips to Help You Focus on Your Business (After Your 9 to 5)

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The dream is real, y’all! Whether you work on your “hustle” full time or you balance your biz with another full time job, we get it. Sure, it would be easier to have every day, all day, to work on your dreams, but in reality, bills have to be paid and a girl’s gotta eat.

So where do you spend your extra sliver of precious time and energy once you come home from the 9 to 5? What are the key things that you should be focusing on that can propel your business forward? It’s easy to get side tracked on doing the “fun” things, but especially in the beginning there’s a lot of behind-the-scenes grunt work that’s just got to be done.

Since we know it can easily get overwhelming for you to know where to turn your focus, we’ve broken down the 5 key things that we think will make the most impact on your business.

The dream is real, y’all! Whether you work on your “hustle” full time or you balance your biz with another full time job, we get it. Sure, it would be easier to have every day, all day, to work on your dreams, but in reality, bills have to be paid and a girl’s gotta eat.  So where do you spend your extra sliver of precious time and energy once you come home from the 9 to 5? What are the key things that you should be focusing on that can propel your business forward? | Think Creative Collective

1. Start With a Clear Mapped Out Version of Your Week (Friday)

We suggest laying out your week on the Friday before, if not a whole month in advance. Sounds crazy we know, but if you can learn what is actually doable in the time you have, you can plan accordingly. Setup all the baby steps and must dos inside Trello, set dates, and then the Friday before copy the tasks over to My Week. Even if you’re not necessarily blogging (which we think you totally should be!) we bet there are still things that you can map out and designate days for to get completed. Not only will you have a clearer vision of what needs done, but you can clear up your headspace so we can be present with friends and family during the weekend. You’ll know that Monday is covered!

2. Spend Some Time Being Present Online (Everyday)

It’s really easy to get stuck in our own little “creative” bubble, but the power of being present online is incredible. We make sure to post on our favorite social media platforms (Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest) multiple times a day. If you know you can’t be on your phone at work try a scheduling app like Later (for Instagram), Post Planner (for Facebook and Twitter) or Tailwind (for Pinterest), so you can plan everything beforehand.

It’s also beneficial to be present in any online groups you might be in. (Need one to join? We'd love to have you in ours! )

Becoming known for what you do is so powerful, and it easily transitions into more referrals. More referrals means more work (which is money in your pocket). Try answering questions as they come up in groups, adding advice when it’s asked for, and always try to give more than you promote. Work on building an authentic and knowledgeable brand.


3. Get Back to Clients or Customers (2-3 times a week)

There’s no reason you need to respond to emails every single day, so let yourself off the hook with this one. It’s easy to get sucked down the rabbit hole of Gmail, so dedicate 2 to 3 days a week where you respond to clients or customers and limit it to 20-30 minutes max. If you blog, this could even include responding to comments on your posts.

It’s never fun from a client’s perspective to hear crickets when they’re interested in your product or service, so be in tune with your response policy. It’s good to let them know up front (like on your contact page) how many hours or days it might take you to reply.

That being said, if this hustle is your full-time, make it as professional as any other job and always respond within 1 to 2 business days.

4. Take Note of Your Results

When you’re still working the full-time job you’ve got even less time to lose than most. It’s very important for you to take note of what’s working for you as quickly as possible, as well as what isn’t, and to be able to adjust accordingly. On the other hand, you want to be able to see what is working well and see how you can replicate this for other parts of your business.

Use our favorite method of “tweak and repeat” to try new things and measure the results. Not everything is going to work for you (wouldn’t that be great?!) so take note, make small tweaks, and try again.

See where people are hanging out the most on your website by utilizing Google Analytics. 

5. Work on Getting in Front of More People, not Necessarily Making More 

It’s so, so easy to convince yourself that if you “just make one more thing” or provide “one more option” that that will be the thing that’s going to make it or break it for you. Unfortunately, this just causes you to invest more money and time into the creation of goods or services that nobody knows how to buy!

You’ve got to work on getting in front of more people, being talked about by your peers, and being heard. You can try emailing business that are on a similar level with you and who reach a similar audience to see if they’d be interested in doing a dual shout-out. Or try sending freebie products to big name brands to see if they’ll share it on their social media.

Try to spend your week strategizing between one and three ways in which you could market your brand, and map them out. Then pick one of these to implement the next week, and see what works. You might be surprised by your results, and by who says, “yes!”

We believe in you and we know you can do this. Working a full-time job while working your hustle is no joke, but if anyone can, you can. If you feel like you need some extra help with getting it all organized we definitely suggest you check out and heck, while we are at it, we got a super sweet freebie to unlock some awesome time savers.

We’ve put together our top 22 keyboard shortcuts for Trello and Mac users. What the what?! And we’ve conveniently put it in a PDF so you can print it out and reference it anytime you want. Genius, I know. You can thank us later.

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How to Know You're Ready to Launch Your Next Big Thing

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Emylee here. It seems that at any given moment a creative can have two to one bajillion products “on hold” for launching. They sit in real or metaphorical corners waiting to pass go and be launched into the real world. We keep them there for various reasons. Maybe “the market isn’t ready” or you “don’t know what to charge” or “you haven’t settled on a name for the collection” or whatever excuse sounds good that day.

It seems like we’re all waiting for something to push us over the edge and actually launch the damn thing. Why are we waiting? What’s the hold up and how can we get past it?

First, let’s address the mythical ding. 

There’s this thing that we call the mythical ding that we’re all waiting for. Some of us give so much power to this ding that it prevents us from launching our business, our blog or our latest creation for fear that we’re not ready. We convince ourselves that once it’s “ready”, we’ll know. That something will just shift in the air and we’ll know that it’s okay to launch the thing.

The ding doesn’t exist.

The ding is made up of excuses that we use to hold ourselves back out of fear. Period.

You can’t know until you try. 

Yes, yes, you can sit there and roll your eyes at us for making a total “mom” comment, but it’s true. You cannot know if your latest idea is going to work until you actually get it out there. But guess where it works the least? Guess where it will make you absolutely zero dollars? In the shadows.

We like to say “good is good enough”. We heard that phrase from our friend Nikki Elledge Brown and we clung onto that hard. We keep saying it to ourselves every time we put something new out into the world. Whether it’s a blog post, a webinar, a new program our even our brand new YouTube channel!

Good is good enough.

There is no guarantee. 

We tell ourselves that we’re waiting to launch until we know that the launch will go well. Until we have enough people on our list or a big enough social media following or enough blog posts written. We think that by having all those things that our launch will go splendidly and we’ll make 6-figures.

Those numbers don’t guarantee anything.

We’ve had fantastic and meh launches both with small audiences and big audiences. We’ve had launches that statistically should’ve gone a certain way (both high and low) but they flipped up on us. That’s okay.

We learn something new every time.

If you give yourself permission to fail and to succeed you’ll win every time.

So, since we know you’re just waiting for us to give you permission to launch here is a list of how to know you’re ready to launch your next big thing:

  1. You have an idea for something great (but haven’t made it yet)
  2. You’ve created something you want to share
  3. You have 17 blog posts in queue
  4. You have 1 blog post in queue
  5. You’ve asked your audience what they want from you
  6. You want to try something new
  7. You want to add on a new service that you’ve done a thousand times now
  8. You want to add on a new service that you’ve kind of sort of done (once)
  9. You have half of something new made
  10. You picked a price, but you might want to change it later
  11. You haven’t fully worked out all the details on your new thing yet
  12. You heard from Think Creative Collective that you should just launch the damn thing

Notice a trend? Notice that it doesn’t matter where you are in the creation journey, and that you should just launch it? You will learn so much just by getting it out there so your next launch(es) will be bomb diggity.

No one is sitting out there tallying up everything you “should’ve” done in your launch. No one is counting your mistakes. No one is saying you should’ve waited. Oh, wait. Yes there is someone.

It’s you.

So stop it.

Put your thing out into the world. Make waves with it (or ripples). Just do it.

If you’re all like “okay, I’m ready to launch, but….how?”. We’re here for ya. We’ve got a handy dandy launch checklist waiting for you right here. You’re going to figure out how to generate some hefty buzz so you can freaking launch baby!

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The Easiest Way to Insert Hashtags on Instagram Ever

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I'm in the business of making your business life easier. It's kinda my thing, so when I realized that some of you didn't know how to use text replacement for Instagram hashtags, I knew that it needed to be high on the list of tech tutorials for this little space on the interwebs.

This is something that I've known about for a while but actually didn’t do until Abagail and Emylee told me it was life-changing and, like always, they were right.

It makes posting to Instagram so much easier and it's a super simple change.

Ok, so the idea here is that you'll pick a word that's not commonly typed by you on your phone and you'll set that up as a text replacement rule so that when that word is typed your phone will replace it with your hashtag bank. This can be crazy useful if you're managing more than one Instagram account (social media managers unite)!

Let's get started.

This tutorial is for iPhone, btw, if you're using Android, you should probably fix that, but it should be fairly similar.

My word is "holla".

First, go ahead and copy all of those hashtags you normally use out of Notes or messages or wherever you've been storing them.

hen go to "Settings > General" and find "Text replacement".

Once there, create a new text replacement by pasting your Instagram hashtags (or whatever you're wanting to type quickly) into "phrase" and your shortcut as the word you want to use.

Again, my word was "holla", so if I go to type a message (or an Instagram comment, etc) and type "holla" it gives me the replacement as seen below so I just hit space and go on about my day.

It's seriously so freakin' easy.

I also use “eml” to fill in my email address and “moi” for my website URL, which makes life from the phone super easy.

If you'd rather learn by watching an awesome video, you can do that below.


Jessica Stansberry is THE Jessica behind Hey Jessica, LLC, an online content machine designed to help you figure out the moving parts of the technical systems needed to run your business.

Jessica Stansberry, Hey Jessica, LLC

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How to Have the Most Productive Biz Year Ever

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Abagail here. If your twenty somethings are anything like mine, you are constantly on the self-improvement train. You immerse yourself in self-help articles, download every new app claiming to improve productivity, and you find yourself swirling with ideas and never really knowing what the heck you accomplished.

Not only am I on a mission for self improvement (dude, even good can always get better), but I want to help you accomplish more in life in business. Consider it our personal agenda to have you crushing goals and taking names.

Now, I definitely don’t have it all figured out. But after the year we had (building a multiple six-figure company, growing our team from 2 to 11, and still managing to shut down my computer everyday at 5:00 p.m.), we think we may have mastered a few things.

If your twenty somethings are anything like mine, you are constantly on the self-improvement train. You immerse yourself in self-help articles, download every new app claiming to improve productivity, and you find yourself swirling with ideas and never really knowing what the heck you accomplished.   Not only am I on a mission for self improvement (dude, even good can always get better), but I want to help you accomplish more in life in business. Consider it our personal agenda to have you crushing goals and taking names. | Think Creative Collective

Implement Healthy Habits

Clear Distractions

As much as I wanted to hold onto my paper notes, iPhone FULL of apps I didn’t use, and a consistently messy desk, I knew I needed to simplify. I said goodbye to SHIT. Yes, I said it: SHIT. I cleared the clutter both literally and figuratively. How can you get rid of what is bogging you down?

  • Donate clothes you don’t wear anymore - Pro tip: hang your clothes on the rod backwards, and once you wear them hang them normally. Go back in 3 months and see what you still haven’t worn once - immediately head to donate (unless it is completely out of season).

  • Eliminate items on your desk that don’t serve a purpose or inspire you to do more or be better.

  • Turn off all the damn notifications - you don’t need to know when someone emails, tweets, instagrams, facebooks, pinterests, etc. You just don’t, so turn ‘em off, all of them - on both your computer and phone.

  • Organize your computer - everything should have a place and if it doesn’t it, delete it. Your desktop should be cleared off at the end of every day. You will be shocked how much junk you are letting pile up.

  • Walk through your home (don’t be a crazy person) and start thinking about what you actually need to survive. You’d be shocked about what you are “storing” or letting “sit pretty” on a shelf that doesn’t serve a purpose. No, I am not knocking knick-knacks, I just prefer simplifying.

Ok, stop your judging. Yes I still own things I don’t need. It isn’t practical for me to live in a shoebox and have a swiss army knife with a built-in toothbrush. I still have plenty of things I don’t need, but I dedicated a couple days to eliminating as much as I could handle. And have plans to do it again in a couple of months.

Set Daily Affirmations

It sounds silly, but by writing these things down, miraculous things have happened. We’re talking record sales months, family members surviving stage-4 cancer, and watching Emylee get the call about adopting. For some people affirmations feel like lying, but for me, telling the universe what I want just seems to make it that much more likely to come true. Need ideas on what you could affirm? Here are a few of our favorites:

  • We’ll make $8k from this launch

  • We’re not going to have any tech difficulties on today’s workshop

  • We’re going to be productive and create valuable content today

  • We’re going to get 5 “yeses” from the email to influencers we send out today

Keep in mind these aren’t goals - these are just statements of truth. They may seem a little unorthodox, perhaps even a bit woo-woo, but just try it.

Write what you want on a piece of paper or in your Trello calendar and reference it often. Occasionally review your affirmations and see what has come to fruition.

Make Gratitude a Priority

Recently, Emylee and I both started writing a Daily Gratitude Statement. It simply lives like a card in Trello, much like our Affirmations, and we write about what we are thankful for. It may be a big win in business or it may be something small. But having this little slice of graciousness allows us to reflect on how far we’ve come.

I decided to take this a step further and go out of my way for others. Not because they particularly needed thanks, but just a happy word of encouragement. Every Monday before I can officially close out my day I write two letters to friends, family, or #TCCTribe members. Sometimes it’s “Happy Birthday”. Sometimes it’s “thanks so much”. Sometimes it’s simply “thinking of you”.

I don’t expect anything in return, but I figure it’s the smallest thing I could do and it only takes me a couple of minutes a week.     

Know Yourself

No, not a literal mirror. A figurative one. Do you like the woman you are becoming? Do you like the path your life is on? Is your business headed where you want to be headed?

If you don’t know yourself, like gut check, know, then how are you ever going to get to where you want to be? I encourage you to really spend some time thinking through what your personal mission is. If you were to die tomorrow, what would you want to leave behind? What legacy would you want to live on after you?

Sometimes this can feel yucky. Sometimes we don’t like what we see. Babe, I have so been there. There are times in my life where I hated my work, my body, my lover, my life. So much so that I even wrestled with depression and considered suicide.

No, my life isn’t a walk in the park. But I am way more self aware than I used to be. When things start conflicting with my personal values in other parts of my life I know I need to reassess and see if I am still on the right path.

So now that we have done the physical decluttering (throwing away all the shit), metal decluttering (spending some time knowing what we really want), we finally have space for some biz chat. As much as I would love to chat business all the time, I realize you don’t just walk into a room and leave everything else on the other side of the door. We carry baggage with us EVERYWHERE and hopefully by implementing some healthy habits you feel a bit lighter now and have some room to give your business.

Create Systems

Emylee and I could literally chat systems all day long. They are our jam. They are our zone of genius.

In order to reach optimum productivity mode you need a central system in your business, a command center so to speak. For us, Trello has been the magical solution. First of all, the system is FREE and the program that we created to teach you how to use it is only $29 bucks. Winner winner, chicken dinner (and save me some dark meat).

Get your systems in order with Trello For Business >

Trim the Fat

Once you have a system in place it is super easy to start to see what is and isn’t working. Not to mention what you keep avoiding (because you loathe it) and what is just not your cup of tea (because you know someone else is better at it).

Trello allowed us to see the fat. The blubbery stuff that was either slowing us down, wasting our time, or costing us unnecessary money. And because we had a system, all of a sudden we could see “ok, well this isn’t adding any value so it can go” or “we definitely still need this, but let’s find someone to take over that chunk”.

In a matter of months our team went from just us, to 11 people. I know that can seem excessive, but we put people in place who we know are the bomb diggity at their one piece of the puzzle. They help us with everything from blog post formatting (ain’t nobody got time for that) and Facebook group moderating (keeping 6,000+ women - and a few dudes - in line is not a task for two people).

Identify what simply is bogging you down and what you potentially need to delegate. Then set some dang dates for when you are going to make that all happen. Ready? Go.

Know What You’re Working Towards

How do you know you’ve reached your destination without a destination in mind? You have to know what you are working towards. You have to set goals. You have to set dates. You have to hold yourself accountable.

I could go into lengthy detail about why it’s important, but instead I am asking you to trust me. Why? Because I’m awesome, and I know what the heck I am doing! Do you?

Have Monthly Check-ins

Team or not, once a month you need to have a meeting with yo’ self! Put it on the calendar. Reflect on what has and hasn’t worked. See where you can improve. Check your analytics and go over the numbers. Were you a hot mess and yet somehow profitable? Or were you distracted and let things slip?

Without a monthly meeting days slip into weeks and weeks slip into months. Before you know it a whole season has gone by and you were so busy doing the work you didn’t take the steps to improve what was already in place.

Automate Everything You Can

I was absolutely baffled with how I went through life before I started automating EVERYTHING. I was so busy, I didn’t even have time to realize just how busy I was. I was doing everything 5x slower than it needed to be done.


Because there wasn’t a system. There was no workflows. I didn’t have a checklist. And I sure as hell didn’t know what Zapier or IFTTT could do for my life.

I’m not asking you to change everything (yet), but what I am doing is asking you ever so kindly to consider what you could automate. Take, for instance, blogging. It has the same steps every time (your process may be different, but here was how I used to do it):

  • 7:00 p.m. - shit, I haven’t written a blog post

  • 8:00 p.m. - why am I still on Facebook, I need to write a blog post

  • 9:00 p.m. - husband shouts from bedroom, “you coming to lay down honey?”

  • 10:00 p.m. - outline and part of draft written

  • 11:00 p.m. - need a snack

  • Midnight - ok, let’s format this thing


  • 12:15 a.m. - scour the internet for free images I could use for the blog image

  • 1:30 a.m. - finally have it formatted

  • 1:35 a.m. - schedule it to post at 5 a.m.

  • 3:00 a.m. - still can’t sleep because I got myself so worked up about writing that dang blog post, and

  • Rinse and repeat

If this seems all too familiar, I promise there is a better way. You can:

  • Create a content calendar and know what you are writing weeks (or months in advance).

  • Have a system from outline to published that doesn’t make you want to pull your hair out.

  • Actually spend time with family and breathe knowing everything you planned is actually taken care of.

This may feel like a pipe dream. But I promise if you take steps to systematize it all, it can all get done!

Be Mindful

A well laid plan is only just a plan until you mark that off as DONE! I am sure you have good intentions, we all do. But we get distracted. Life pulls our attention. Barking dogs wanting to eat dinner pull us away. We totally get it. Life happens, but you still need a plan. And you need a plan to fall back on should something happen.

We want you to know there is a better way. We want you to know you do not have to operate in a constant state of stressed out. Organized and productive is possible. Are you ready to have the best year ever?!

Babe, you can do this. And sometimes we know you just need a little extra nudge to get you there. We’re here to help you. Yes, you.

We created a totally free brand spankin’ new audio training and you can have it right now.

Inside you’re gonna figure out how to have your most productive year yet.

We’re sharing 3 no BS strategies that will give you the structure and the confidence to accomplish more than you ever have before in your business.

Because this is what you need to learn first. You can take all the topic specific courses your little heart desires, but they’re just going to sit there until you learn how to be productive.

Because you can learn it, babe.

So if you’re ready to say buh-bye to lackluster productivity and hello to freaking rockstar status then you need to get your hands on this free audio training right this second.

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How to Plan Your First Webinar

Building a Business, Marketing MadnessAbagail Pumphrey1 Comment

It’s no lie that we love us some webinars. We actually host a free webinar at least once a month. Webinars allow us to connect with our audience in a way that we love. They allow for a visual connection where we get to hang out with you online and teach or chat with you. Plus, webinars have some freaking cool benefits, like growing our list and providing an easy platform to sell our favorite courses, which just gives us more time to simply do what we love.

It’s no lie that we love us some webinars. We actually host a free webinar at least once a month. Webinars allow us to connect with our audience in a way that we love. They allow for a visual connection where we get to hang out with you online and teach or chat with you. Plus, webinars have some freaking cool benefits, like growing our list and providing an easy platform to sell our favorite courses, which just gives us more time to simply do what we love. | Think Creative Collective

We encourage everyone to try hosting a webinar, even just once, to see how it works for you. Some hate it, most love it, but either way the first go around might be a little anxiety inducing.

Here are 26 tips to get you off the sidelines and in front of the camera.  

Decide You Are Capable

Seems reasonable enough, but convincing yourself can be tricky. You have to be confident that you can do this. That you can get in front of a camera and you can put yourself out there. Try doing a Facebook Live post first. This allows you to practice being on camera and interacting with a live audience.

Pick a Topic

Find a topic relevant to your audience. Listen to what your audience has been asking, ask yourself what you’re good at, or poll your audience. We’re sure that there’s something you know that tons of people would love to listen in on. Pick a topic that will resonate with your people. Make people think and get them wondering about what’s inside the shiny box!

Decide Where You Will Be Hosting It

There are many options available out there. This might be the biggest hangup for you simply because the tech side of this is so new compared to everything else. It’s not complicated once you get the hang of it, but there is a bit of a learning curve. Here’s a breakdown of the webinar platforms we’ve considered:

1. GOOD: Go To Webinar

We include this one on the list for those of you who might have a pre-existing dislike for Google Platforms (Chrome and Plus). It’s a solid option to host webinars and it has a lot of great features that better suited platforms also offer. But it’s very, very expensive and the biggest downfall is that it limits you to 100 attendees in the lowest package. This number may seem crazy high to you at first, but trust us when we tell you that your attendee list will only grow as you promote and host webinars. You’ll grow out of this platform fast.

Check out Go To Webinar

2. BETTER: Google Hangout on Air or Youtube Live

Please note, this is not just a Hangout, it’s a Hangout on Air. The term “on air” allows the ability for you and 10 additional speakers to broadcast over YouTube (much like a TV station) to as many people as you like. We recommend using this platform to live stream panels, conferences, or events or to use them as intimate 10 people max office hour meetings. Note: an unlimited number of people can watch this event live or recorded but only 10 people can get into the live room and speak.

There’s also no way to let attendees register for this event, as Google just gives you a link for your event and you share that with whomever choose. So keep in mind that there is no way for you to actually capture the email for people interested in your webinar (which is the entire point - unless you do sign up through your email provider and later point them to your event link).

Check out Youtube Live

3. BEST: Webinar Jam Studio

This is the webinar hosting platform that we use and highly recommend. It will cost you about $33 per month (billed annually) depending on current promotions. Trust us, it’s worth every single penny. Webinar Jam Studio is an add on software to Google Hangout / Youtube Live so you’re getting a rock solid server from Google and the handy control room features from WebinarJam. This is the most cohesive and one-stop-shop for capturing new leads, sending them branded registration and reminder pages, running your webinar, promoting your offers inside the webinar and communicating with your viewers easily via the chat box.

There’s also a neat feature that allows you to record “evergreen” webinars that you can push out after a client purchases (hello, passive income!). Their support is top-notch, the platform is easy to navigate, and with Google backing you should have very few hang ups.

Check out Webinar Jam Studio

We break down more of the specific benefits that each of these options provide for you below.

There are definitely other options out there, but there were a few things that immediately took them out of the running. For instance, Zoom requires people to download and install special software, which to us feels like an unnecessary extra step. Crowdcast, currently a super popular option on the market, is awesome, but their pay per viewer module has us screaming, “heck no”. We often have more than several hundred viewers and the idea of paying more to use the software simply because more people watch the webinar has us cringing.

Test the Hosting Service

Put the system to the test in front of a small audience, or even a close friend or family member. Make sure you understand all the capabilities and where all the levers and switches are. It isn’t exactly like riding a bike. You have to put some time and effort in to make sure you are comfortable.

Get Someone to Moderate the Q&A

Tell People About It

Social accountability is a major driver in your following through. Tell your friends, tell your family. Leak a rumor on your blog or social media accounts. People have to know you are about to do a webinar, babe!

Write a Blog Post

Give people more detail about what you will be diving into throughout the webinar. Again, what relates to the topic, but what also creates mystery and wonder. This valuable content can be used again and again across social media and other channels later.

Create An Event Page

Give people a place to land when they want more information. This can be a carbon copy of your blog post, or can go into further detail.

Give People an Opportunity to Opt-in

From your event or lead page ask people to “snag a seat”, “reserve their spot”, “RSVP” or whatever other language you decide on. Make sure on the opt-in form to get their name and email address. Save this info, you will need it later.

Talk about it on Social Media

Get savvy with your social channels. Work the opportunity to talk about it into multiple posts on different days in advance. Get crafty with your messaging and watch yourself so that you don’t get too repetitive.

Repost in Every Blog Post the Week Before

Don’t make the whole blog post about your webinar, but use content that relates in topic or scope. At the bottom, give a brief teaser that leads them directly to the opt-in and gives them the opportunity to visit the event or lead page if they want more information.

Remind People they RSVP'd

Plan Out Your Time and Content You will be Sharing On or Off Screen

Get your slides and your script together. Don’t wait until the last minute if you can avoid it. Have someone else review all your written content to make sure you didn’t misspell anything or have any errors. Remember you can’t necessarily go back and fix it later if it is recorded and you showed a misspelled word on screen. Well you can, but it would take some unnecessary video editing.

Retest A Hosting Service

By now, you have picked and tested a hosting service at least once. The morning of the webinar, run through it one last time to have everything fresh in your mind. The last thing you want to do is be scrambling on screen.

Tease with a Video on Social Media

Tape a 15 to 30 second clip of you inviting people to the webinar. Post on social media and watch as more signups come in the door. Let’s be real, most people don’t read – by getting in front of them with video they immediately think what you have to offer is a no brainer.

Declutter Your Space

Clean up your desk and office. Test the camera to see what will be in the shot and make sure to simplify or stylize what people can see behind you. This may require moving to a different room or rearranging your monitor / camera for the best angle, and so on.

Look like a Million Bucks

Sounds simple enough, but make sure you do all the things you would normally do to get your picture taken. Wear a cute outfit that looks good while you are sitting. Style your hair and makeup as you normally would. Don’t forget about those chipped nails. Gotta look polished, people!

Send another E-blast the Morning of the Webinar

Pre-schedule this in advance to make sure everyone who has signed up gets a link to the webinar room. Remember to add details like the date, start time and timezone to the email. Remind people to add the webinar to their calendar and set a reminder.

Automate a Reminder to be Sent 15 Minutes Before You Start

One last time, just to make sure they don’t miss anything. Give them that webinar link and tell them to head over immediately.

Get a Good Nights Rest

Get some shut eye so you look bright and shinny on the morning of.

Visualize How you Want it to Go

Be Ready for Technical Glitches

To avoid any technical glitches close as many other programs and windows as possible. Give your computer a nice restart and then only open the few windows you will need to make this webinar possible.

Post Your Notes

Use Post-its or an iPad to post visual notes around your screen to reference throughout the webinar.

Arrive Early

You can get into your system controls prior to your participants being able to join the room. Get cozy even 20-minutes before, so you are totally ready when the clock strikes time.

Do the Thing

Do the webinar. Remember to smile, be yourself, and remember no one else will ever know if you forget to mention something you had in your notes.

Thank People for Coming & Send the Replay to Those Who RSVP'd

Thank people for coming directly on the webinar. For those who were unable to make it or had to leave early send across a replay link. P.S. Don’t forget to press record!

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