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Harness the Power of Instagram for Your Small Business

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It’s not every day that you hear that, “Instagram is the place to be!” or that you should be figuring out how to use Instagram better for your business...oh, wait. Yes it is. It seems like there’s nothing better for anyone who wants to give you advice on your business than telling you how amazing Instagram is. 

But there’s good reason for this. 

There’s a reason why this platform has helped so many small businesses go from “meh” to “wowza” in sales, recognition, engagement, and community building (at record rates) | Think Creative Collective


There’s a reason why this platform has helped so many small businesses go from “meh” to “wowza” in sales, recognition, engagement, and community building (at record rates). 

There’re three huge things this platform has going for it that makes it the place to be for small businesses. 

  1. Visual stimulation;
  2. Micro storytelling, and
  3. Real time connectivity

(Keep reading so you can see how you can master these three pillars in just 7 days.) 

The fact that you can take advantage of all of those things every single time you post is why the platform works. 

How freeing is it to know that you only have to focus on taking advantage of three pillars in order to see results? 

Here’s why these factors work:


It’s really that simple. As humans, our eyes crave visual stimulation. So there’s no better place than an infinite scroll of beautiful things to look at to give ourselves carpal tunnel, because our eyes are so happy. It’s not rocket science to say that if you focus on creating an aesthetically eye-catching feed that you’ll go somewhere on Instagram. 

We’re showing you exactly how to create eye catching images (without an entire studio production) inside our free Instagram Bootcamp 7-Day Challenge. We’re getting started on Day 1, showing you how to master our favorite style shot that you can whip up with items already in your own house. 


What’s made Instagram the best platform for us, over Twitter especially, is that we can say a lot. With a 2,220 character limit you can do what we call micro storytelling in your captions. What does this do? It basically smushes a tweet, an email, and a blog post into one handy little place. Your followers don’t have to go click anywhere else to get to know more about what you do, how you can help, or what you offer. #LazyGrammers. 

We’re letting you in on one of our favorite story formulas inside our free Instagram Bootcamp 7-Day Challenge. You’re going to get the inside scoop into our trick to being “business casual” on Instagram and how that’s led us to being able to build and attract a tribe who’s super engaged and targeted. 


Here’s the thing with tagging people on platforms that aren’t Instagram: it sucks and doesn’t work. Facebook won’t let businesses tag other businesses, Twitter uses up your character count if you want to give shoutouts and Periscope makes you repeat it over and over again (or write it on a piece of paper like you’re making a ransom video). 

Why do we even want to tag? To get your business seen by people who are influencers, to credit people’s work (if you regram), to give a virtual shoutout in hopes of building an online relationship, or to just let others see that you know cool people. 

Tagging is just one way to build up your virtual rolodex of internet friends, and having a bomb ass Instagram is another. 

If you join our Instagram Bootcamp 7-Day challenge (it’s free!) you’re going to get a total revamp of your dusty Instagram account in only one week. We’re covering styling, lighting, caption writing, engaging, and selling (eek!).  

Here’s a peek at some awesome posts from challengers who are totally rocking it. 


Click here to join the challenge and be sure to use #SnapStyleSell so we can see your handy work and brag about it better than your grandma!