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The Power of Unplugging from Social Media

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Sometimes you just need a break. And much like this post is about unplugging from social media, sometimes you need to unplug from other things. Lately I have been pretty fried turning out new content constantly. So I invited my Biz BFF to do a little Blog Take Over!! You will see Emylee Williams authoring some brilliant content for the next 4 days with a super fun announcement on Thursday which you can't miss!! Enjoy!

I never, ever thought I would want to unplug. Seriously. I've heard from many creatives I follow say they have strict social media boundaries and rules or that they take entire months off from social media. I did not get it. I freaking love social media. Well, mostly I freaking love Instagram. I love finding creative ways to share things with you and making them look pretty and engaging. I love scrolling and getting such great eyeball inspiration. I love it. Until this summer. 

The Power of Unplugging from Social Media  |  Think Creative

I was not having a very good day (hello, unrealistic expectations) and I kind of felt defeated. I got off a tearful phone call where I just let it out and immediately checked my email. The first handful of emails popped in and they were all along the lines of "How I Grew My List to 2,000 Subscribers in One Day". Seriously. I wanted to punch my phone. I pulled up Instagram and I felt spite towards the pretty images I saw and the "oh my gosh, my cup runneth over" captions. 
This was on a Friday so I put my phone away for the entire weekend. Literally. This may seem all "ok, girl calm down" but some of you feel me. I didn't check emails, I didn't post, I didn't scroll, I didn't tweet, I barely texted. 

By the time I got plugged back in on Monday I had so much clarity. I could actually appreciate and be proud of and support and learn. I didn't feel spiteful or jealous or competitive. I was good.
So I want you to take note when these feelings might be creeping in. I see all the time pop up in groups and from my own babes say they feel "defeated" or "overwhelmed" and I'm telling you that just by taking a few days can bring so much life into your biz brand. Social media is there for you to share your magic and to gain inspiration - it is not there to make you feel bad about where you are in your life or biz. 

Here are some quick tips to help ease some of the social media overwhelm that leads to a total unplugging.

Turn Off App Notifications

You don’t need to turn off all notifications, but start with a couple. I decided to turn off all Periscope and Facebook Messenger notifications. Talk about a relief! I know that half of the entire point of Periscope is to be notified when people are streaming, but multiple dings allllll day long was really driving me crazy. I’ve also been pretty strict on dealing with business correspondence via email instead of inside the Facebook Messenger app so I knew I didn’t need to be kept up-to-date throughout the day. Instead I check in with these apps at the end of the day if I feel like I’m ready to tackle it. 

Pick One Day to Respond to Messages & Comments

This one is a little harder to stick with mostly because I am so into communicating with you all online that I usually respond ASAP. Once I realized I was stopping in the middle of projects, emails or client work to comment on Instagram or Facebook and it was distracting me I knew I needed to set some boundaries. If I have a lot on my plate for one week I pick a day towards the end where I will go through all comments and messages and responded. There’s usually nothing too urgent that can’t wait a few days. 

Understand & Remind Yourself That You Can't Be Everywhere

This was a big one for me. As soon as Periscope came out I downloaded it and followed all my favorites then spent the next few weeks being driven crazy with the constant dings and silly videos. I started with turning off notifications inside the app to eventually deleting the app. Maybe I’ll get back to it soon, maybe not, but I know that it won’t be a deal breaker for my brand. Accepting this is tough and realizing that I don’t have to try really hard to be everywhere was hard. I love being on Instagram so it’s easy for me to create content and engagement because I want to be there. I push everything from Instagram (to Facebook and Twitter) and put a little bit into my Facebook page. That’s what I feel good with for right now, maybe some strategies will change as my business changes, but this is where I feel good. 

I hope these are some tiny changes that you can allow yourself to implement here and there for your creative sanity. Our minds already feel like we have one too many tabs open so it’s nice to do what we can to lighten the load. 

Emylee & I like to Party on Instagram, Join Us (Well before you unplug)