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Abagail and Emylee co-founded Think Creative Collective in 2015. After working 1:1 with small businesses in their local areas they branched out to provide services and educational products to creative small business owners worldwide. Boasting a unique student population representing 189 countries the ladies of Think Creative Collective have helped so many creatives grow a soul-fulfilling and profitable small business. Their “give away the kitchen sink” mentality is evident in their 200+ blog archive, online workshop trainings and courses that they create.

In 10 weeks we have seen 514% growth in email subscribers!


“I just spent at least two hours on your blog! Such great content!

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Monthly Visits

25,000 +

Monthly Page Views

45,000 +

Email Subscribers

7500 +

Think Creative Collective  is dedicated to serving and educating small business owners all over the world. This site has visitors from 189 different countries. In our webinars, people have tuned in live in Mexico City, Barbados, South Africa, Toronto, Germany, and London. 66% of traffic comes from within the US border.

“Once again, I have 2 pages of notes that I scribbled down of awesome new aha moments and things to do in my business. I truly am so thankful for this group and the leaps and bounds that my business and my professional confidence that I have gained since I happened to click on the webinar just a few months ago!!!”

Many of our visitors find us through social media. We traditionally see 51% of traffic referred straight from social media. Our pins on Pinterest average 20,000+ Monthly Impressions, averaging well over 175+ repins daily. 






Although those stats blow our minds most days it’s the emails, comments and messages from our tribe that make our hearts explode. We believe that giving away our knowledge and strategies in things like our Resource Library or hosted Webinars has fostered a new wave of bosses ready to help each other grow and learn from one another. There is no sense in being in this business alone so if we work to create an open environment of sharing then we can help change the creative field as a whole. When we’ve mastered a new strategy, unlocked a business trick or made something that can make a task easier we cannot wait to shout it from the rooftops. It’s all about the a-ha moments and lightbulb dings for us.

We’ve welcomed thousands of dedicated small business owners into our tribe and a lot of them have decided to take it further by enrolling in the Biz Chic Co-op. The only membership needed to help small business owners gain clarity, growth and a whole other level of big time biz success. We’re all about turning your side hustle into a soul-fulfilling, goal-crushing, successful-as-hell creative business.

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“I have thoroughly enjoyed everything you have to offer. I cannot say enough good things or put into words how I excited I am to have discovered your site. I am so thankful to have made the connection.”


As we grow there are various ways that we would like to help other brands and be heard by more creatives. If your product or service fits our brand we would love to brag about it to our readers and tribe. Our fee per sponsored posts varies so please contact us to get the ball rolling. There's nothing like positive social proof to give your business a boost!

We also love, love to get in front of large (and small) audiences for speaking engagements. We would be honored to be considered as a team or individually for your next event, conference, retreat, or workshop. We love to chat on all things regarding business growth and strategies, branding, personal stories, words of encouragement, specific skill teachings, etc. We'd love to discuss our speaking rates and topic ideas so please contact us so we can chat. 

Think Creative Collective is a place where sass and strategy come together. You can sit with us.

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