Online Courses

Create Awesome Online Courses with David Siteman Garland

Episode 005: Show Notes

Selling online courses has been pivotal for our business growth and success. We often get asked how to start an online course, but we always refer to the experts. One of these experts is our friend David Siteman Garland, of Create Awesome Online Courses. His programs were some of the first we ever purchased and they’ve played a huge role in how quickly we were able to shift from 1:1 client work to our 1:many model that has grown into a multi 6-figure business.

Whether you’ve been thinking of offering a course for your audience, have questions about how to launch your course to your audience or simply what your course should be about, than this episode is for you.


  1. Send a 1-question survey to flesh out your topic. Get your audience involved, ask them.
  2. Outline your course. Brainstorm where your people are before they take your course and what their life would be like after. This outline begins to fill in your modules and lessons.