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We are the first to admit we love growing a profitable business where we are justly paid what we deserve. But hand and hand with that statement is a near loathing of the financial side of our business. Managing money isn’t for everyone. And sometimes it is best left up to the experts.

That’s why this month we decided to invite our good friend and trusted partner over to Think Creative Collective. Amy Northard, the Accountant for Creatives, shared her expertise to the amazing content this month. Stay on target with your My Biz Finances worksheet, keep track with your Milage and Independent Contractor Tracker. Get the right numbers with the Quarterly Taxes Estimator and the Home Deduction Formula and more. 

You have enough things on your plate. Between juggling sales, marketing, social media and growth strategies your brain is spent. Why spend hours researching all the things you need to know about taxes when we have packaged them up just for you.

The information contained within these guides are provided for informational purposes only and is not intended to be a substitute for obtaining accounting, tax, financial or legal advice from the appropriate professional. Presentation of the information via the guide is not intended to create, and receipt does not constitute, an accountant-client relationship. Any U.S. federal tax or legal advice contained in this guide is not intended to be used for the purpose of avoiding penalties under U.S. federal tax law or other laws as applicable. We assume no liability or responsibility for any errors or omissions in the content of this guide.

Small Business Write-Offs

Know how to categorize expenses.

Home Office Deduction

Find the right formula and make it easy.

Independent Contractor Tracker

+ 1099 Form Basics

Mileage Tracker

Keep a record going all year long.

My Biz Finances

Track monthly earnings, taxes and more.

Estimating Quarterly Taxes

Avoid that end of year penalty!


You've heard about the power of the coveted email list, but how do you get there? How do you find the right people, set up a place for them to drop their email, reward them, and continue the engagement? This month we're sharing the exact systems we took to learn all about email marketing and plans for you to put in place to see some real results.

Get started on your 15-Day Email Course now! Don't forget to download your worksheets that go along with the course so you can take it a step further. We can't wait to see you grow!


After you got your entire year in gear with last month’s content (which you can still access below!) it’s now time to focus in on specific areas. This month we’re tackling social media with an emphasis on Instagram. 

First, learn the basics of Telling Your Instagram Story + Finding Your Voice inside our Instagram Bootcamp replay (available after the live workshop 1/21). Then dive a bit deeper inside the three ebooks “Hashtag Builder Kit”, “Instagram Posting Timer” and “How to Setup and Host Your Next Instagram Giveaway”. 

Next take it a step further by opening up your Social Media Scheduling Bundle. Here you’ll find your Social Media Weekly, Content Calendar and your Social Media Checklist. Use these to get totally organized about what goes when and where. Never miss a beat with these tools.

Finally, organize your entire day with the My Biz Daily. We’ve broken your day down hour-by-hour and action-by-action so you can stay honest and accountable. 

Here’s to mastering your schedule and growing on Instagram!

Hashtag Builder Kit

Make your go to list of #Hashtags.

Giveaway Guide

+ Pros and Cons of each option.

Content Calendar

Brainstorm monthly to keep it fresh.

My Biz Daily

Time blocking for your biz.

Instagram Posting Timer

+ What to remember about your audience.

Social Media Weekly

Track what to post and where.

Social Media Checklist

Mark off your daily and monthly to dos.


Instagram Bootcamp Replay

Catch up on any details you missed!


This month we're focusing on some key areas in your business for you to see major changes. It's amazing how starting a new year organized and planned can totally boost your business the entire year. 

First, we've got easy short term and long term goal setting worksheets for you. Use the yearly goal setting first to outline your intentions for the entire year. Then use the business review sheets every month to keep track of your progress and to note room for improvement. 

Next, use the pricing formula worksheet to make sure you'll be able to see a profit this year. Don't forget to factor in mortgage payments and even vacations into your desired income! Use the excel template to keep track of potential income, actual income and mileage (don't miss the how-to video). Then keep those swipe files handy especially if you're raising your prices this year. 

Finally, if you've been wanting to harvest the power a blog can bring your business then our worksheets will help with just that. Use the blog brainstorm to generate ideas and the blog calendar to plan out your month (heck, go for the year!). 

Here's to having a profitable, organized and intentional 2016! 

Yearly Business Goals

Set your intentions for 2016.

Pricing Formula Worksheet

Build pricing with your goals in mind.

Blog Brainstorm

Cultivate content ideas in 30-mins or less.

Blog Calendar

Plan out your content a month at a time.

Monthly Business in Review

Measure your results monthly.

Profitability Tracker (Excel Workbook)

Watch the how-to video.

Swipe Worthy Files

Perfect talking money with clients.


2016 Calendar

Print on 5x7 or scale it for larger sizes.

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