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Yup. It's true. We strongly believe in the power of education and lifting up other small businesses to succeed. The ripple effects of your business doing well touches us all. There is a long held idea of keeping knowledge, strategies, tips and tricks to yourself - especially in the creative world. Well, we simply think this is bologna. There is a high that comes from seeing so many a-ha moments and light bulb dings happen right in front of us - just because we shared something that we have perfected.

Since nothing can replace that feeling, we continue to seek it all day everyday. This is why we have created this Back Stage full of content that will up-level your business and mindset. Help you organize your small business and ideas. Inspire you to create, collaborate and strategize top-notch ways for you and your business to shine. While there are many ways we believe that investing in your business with money can make a difference (like in our strategy sessions, website design packages and brand photography) we know that if you hang out here for a while you'll be set to do BIG things. 

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“There is no sense in being in business alone so if we work to create an open environment of sharing then we can change the creative field as a whole."


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