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Product Photography 101: Equipment, Gear & Settings for the DIY Creative (Video Tutorial)

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Not ready to shell out upwards of 10k for a professional photographer to shoot your products for you? We get it. As small business owners we have to be very picky as to where we spend money and invest in our business. The trade off for having high quality product images, however, is literally thousands of dollars. 

Product Photography 101 (Video tutorial) | Think Creative Collective

Our tutorial will walk you through all the equipment we use to shoot our own client's products inside our home studio. We're not talking about thousands of dollars worth of gear either - you can copy our same setup for less than $100 (if you have a camera, and yes a smartphone will do)! Click below to learn:

  • The best lighting for in-home product photography
  • How we get the seamless white background look
  • The best settings for your camera for indoor shooting
  • How to achieve the "reflection" look for small products

Ready to stock up on some of our gear? We've got you covered.