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Our Secret Creative Society

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When I first started blogging, there was always the intention of growing a community of like minded individuals. After months of planning, growing, pushing myself and channeling my creativity, my dream finally came to life. 

The Think Creative Collective is my secret little society dedicated to helping creative entrepreneurs, small business owners and bloggers, just like you!!

And simultaneously through all this crazy change and movement forward I met my now Biz BFF, Emylee Williams. We instantly clicked. We understood each other. And we both shared very VERY (creepy) similar dreams. Emylee likes to refer to them as “Oprah sized”. I am much inclined to agree.

Our dreams seem to grow as we grow. And together we have already accomplished some pretty crazy things, like having 2 webinars together, creating affiliate marketing opportunities and quadrupling our email lists. I have no doubt we would have grown separately, but together we are a power house.

Emylee Williams and I are going to be working together to make this secret society and creative community even BETTER just for you!!

Some awesome things you have to look forward to:

  • CONSTANT OPPORTUNITIES for collaboration and celebration
  • DAILY PROMPTS to promote inspiration, aspirations and community involvement
  • WEEKLY INSIDER NEWS to challenge you to do and be your best everyday 
  • MONTHLY Q&As to answer all your biggest biz questions
  • MONTHLY FREE WEBINARS to teach you all our best secrets and strategies
  • 24/7 BACK STAGE ACCESS to a library of worksheets, checklists, e-books and webinar replays to keep you organized and consistently learning new things
  • PLUS You will always be the first to know about any exciting announcements, new opportunities and fun happenings behind the scenes

I hope you will join us in our ever-growing community. We can't wait to have you as part of our tribe! Sign Up Today