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10 Reasons Why I Do What I Do

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I spend so much time trying to help you move your small business or creative endeavor forward that sometimes I forget that not all of you have a view into my life and why I even do this. It all comes down to purpose. I find purpose in my work and in helping you shine. If you are wanting a little background on why I started blogging, I suggest starting here

1. Meeting New People

You, yes you, are 100% the reason I do this. If you haven’t introduced yourself, I would really like to meet you. Whether we met once, have been acquaintances for years or you tracked me down online I still would love to schedule an initial meeting. This is totally casual and is really up to your taste. If you are here in Kansas City I prefer to meet in person. I am always up for lunch, cocktails or coffee! Far away, no worries I am totally cool with a Skype call, Google hangout or phone call. I have worked with clients as close as a mile down the street and as far away as Australia, distance doesn’t matter.

2. Scheduling Around You

Working 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. has never been the lifestyle that has worked for me. I enjoy the flexibility of working at different times of day in different places. I want this to work for you, so if morning is your cup of tea, fabulous. If I need to make that occasional midnight Skype call so it is a decent hour on the other side of the world I can do that too.

3. Listening to Your Story

Understanding your background is invaluable to how I can help you. I want to know your story, why you do what you do, where you grew up and how you landed where you are. I enjoy how different each of you are and the value that brings to the table.

4. Working in and with a Variety of Industries

I have a background in advertising and freelance, designing and dreaming, consulting and teaching. I have worked in and with a variety of industries including: aviation, agriculture, banking and finance, education, engineering, film, fashion, health care, law, music, photography, science, theater and television. Each industry is drastically different and creates its own unique challenges. I embrace these differences and highlight them as they are what makes you different.

5. Helping You Realize Your Potential

I can’t tell you how many times I sit down with one of you and you have this idea of what you want to be or become. Often they are small dreams focused more on the immediate future. I like to showcase your potential and help you realize you can achieve more things than you ever expected. And in a shorter period of time than you initially thought without overlooking the details.

6. Sharing in Your Goals

Not only will I help you create actionable goals, but I will help hold you accountable to reaching those goals. And if you let me, I will even take over some of them and just make them happen!

7. Creating a Brand that Reflects You

It is so much fun to have your brand come to life on paper. Whether it is a simple refresh or a brand new venture it will be reflective of your style, taste, personality and business.

8. Watching Your Brand Grow

I have worked with companies large and small, near and far, new and established. Regardless of size, it is always amazing to see it flourish. Probably the most nerve racking is when I rebranded Creative Marketing to CreativeOne. Not only we were taking a big risk changing the name, but creating an entirely new look. For a company with 1.7 billion dollars in sales that is no small risk. Seeing not only the logo, but the collateral, brochures, flyers, social media and even building signs erected was such an accomplishment! Now it is growing and taking on a life of its own.

9. Letting You Make it Your Own

At some point I have to let go and watch you flourish. Over the years, I have seen people make their brand their own in so many ways, but my favorite has to be Novi Photo. I had the opportunity to brand Novi Photo into this fun, whimsical, colorful brand. Lauren Gocken, owner and friend, embraced it and created her own special additions. For her photo packaging instead of delivering a CD, she hands out custom flash drives in these awesome hand stamped bags. I sure felt like one proud momma when I received my own package one day on my desk.

10. Celebrating Your Victories

No matter where we started, no matter your goals I want to help you see it through. And when we get past that hurdle, I want to help you celebrate. I am here to support you and listen every step of the way!

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