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Faux Easter Egg Decorating

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I knew I wanted to do a little Easter inspired craft with my sister last weekend and happened upon some inspiration on Pinterest and Instagram. (Not all ideas are original). With that thought in mind, we decided to decorate some eggs with phrases and some Washi tape. We hit up Hobby Lobby, but were shocked to find no fake/faux eggs (or at least none left). We ended up at Target, and the wooden eggs we found were directly next to some Washi Tape kits. So my non-original idea was apparently way less non-original than anticipated. 

This was lots of fun and would be a super easy project to do with kids. The phrases however are a bit more time consuming if you want anything straight.

Faux Easter Egg Decorating  |  Super Easy to Do with Kids!  - NO MESS |  Think Creative

You will need the following:

  • Faux Eggs (mine were wooden from Target)
  • Egg Carton
  • Washi Tape (2-3 types/colors)
  • Scissors
  • Paint (in colors of your choice)
  • Scrapbooking or Architecture Letters (stickers)
  • Tweezers (optional)

Step 1: Plan

I knew I had only 6 eggs to work with, so I decided to do half of the eggs in the tape patterns and half painted. 

Step 2: Cut and Place

It may look complicated, but really was super simple. I would just cut irregular shapes out of the tape and place. Two of them I used triangles and one I did long rectangles. It probably took 10-15mins an egg.

Step 3: Paint

I painted (i.e. I had my sister paint) the 3 eggs different colors. It took at least 3 coats, with dry time in between.

Pro tip: Paint the top half and place in egg carton to dry. After it is dry flip over and repeat. (Our first round got stuck to a paper towel so I had to sand the bumps off a bit between coats). 

Step 4: Be Witty and Picky

Picking phrases to put on the eggs was harder than I anticipated. I did steal one from Instagram, but my sister was the clever one who decided on “SHOW ME THE BUNNY”! After you have your phrases, it may take some time to place all the letters. 

Pro tip: I am a bit shaky and found it helpful to use tweezers to place the letters.

How are you decorating for Easter this year?

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