The Completely Free Way to Personalize Your Marketing

When it comes to adding value for your clients and customers there’s no better way than a free way. It’s an etiquette that most of us were taught at a young age and is probably habit to do in our personal lives, but one that a lot of you are forgetting it in your business. We’re talking about the power of the handwritten note.

We live in such a technological age that when we get something via snail mail that has actual written words on it we kind of freak out (in the best way). When that note arrives it immediately makes us think of that person, whether we just bought a product from them or utilized their service. The good feelings wash back over us and we are way less likely to forget about them anytime soon. 

When it comes to adding value for your clients and customers there’s no better way than a free way  |  Think Creative Collective

The power of the handwritten note is strong and definitely something you want to harness for your own business. If you just add a few extra minutes to every order that goes out, after you wrap up a project or even after you meet up with a client, spend time writing a handwritten note will make a big impact. 


As we mentioned above, the handwritten note puts you in the forefront of your client or customer’s mind. It’s your way of saying “don’t forget about me” while making it really all about them. When you take the time to handwrite something that gets noticed. Your clients see that gesture and are thankful that you took extra minutes out of your busy schedule just for them.


It’s really easy to not include a handwritten note every time or at all if you don’t have a system. Instead of thinking of it as an extra step, you should go ahead and build it into your process. If you send products out have notecards at your shipping station. If you work with clients make sure to include a note as part of your step-by-step process that way you can check it off when it’s complete. 

It might be easier for you to always use the same notecards so you never run out. Consider getting some custom made with your logo or branding so they feel super personalized. 


You don’t have to stick to the traditional “thank you for your purchase” line if you don’t want to, although that does save time it begins to feel generic. Consider injecting your own personality and come up with a funky phrase instead like “you rock my socks off!” or “sending truckloads of thanks your way!”. 

If you work more personally with your clients you could always call something out about them that you know. You could reference their cute puppy pictures on Instagram or ask how their vegetable gardening is holding up. By calling out the tiny details you start to become more of a friend to them instead of just someone they bought from. 

Now it’s your turn to get it in gear. No more excuses. The power of the handwritten note is too strong to ignore and it’s (practically) free! The value of making it personal with your clients and customers leads strongly into building “know, like and trust” which is a major foundation of sales funnels. By sending this note you are humanizing your brand and putting your own personality behind the purchase. All of that leads to more sales, happier clients and greater referrals!