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Meet Emylee Williams  |  Think Creative Collective


Think Creative Collective is a place where innovation and business come together. Running a small company, we realize there really isn’t a place to draw the line between what we do and how we live. 

An entrepreneur at heart, Emylee’s first business was selling chalk colored rocks at the end of her driveway. When that didn’t bring in enough money she began waitressing in her parent’s kitchen designing menus and slogans for her company to sell her parents their own dinner. Innovative, no? She finally realized that after having a camera in her hand since she was 9 that maybe there was a business in this.

Emylee started her lifestyle photography business fresh out of college in 2011 right after walking away from graduate school. In this business she learned learned the ins and outs of being a creative business owner. She began educating others in 2014 and found her calling. Seeing the light bulb of a-ha moments light up in the face of small business owners she knew this is where she wanted her efforts to go. After debuting her first e-course in 2015 the universe showed her Abagail and the business she was pouring her soul into was forever changed. 

My favorite part is unlocking a new way for small businesses to do business. Whether it's showing you a unique way to use your marketing images or how to use a new social media platform to grow your audience - it's these things that make me giddy. 

When she’s not hustling to make the lives of creative small business owners blossom she probably downing her 12th cup of coffee. Emylee loves on a guy named B, two rescue pups and could live on chips and salsa. 

Emylee studied Fine Art in Photography and Science of Psychology at the University of Missouri and received a minor in Multi-Culture Studies.