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Meet Abagail Pumphrey  |  Think Creative Collective


Think Creative Collective is a place where innovation and business come together. Running a small company, we realize there really isn’t a place to draw the line between what we do and how we live. 

At 5, Abagail sold Lemonade to “raise money” for her first Disney World Vacation, after 5 hours, 110 degree temps and only raising $2.50, she “quit” her first job. Abagail never really gave up though. She would try anything once. Her ridiculous resume before starting down her creative path includes Lab Technician at a local hospital, Concession Stand Supervisor for a movie theatre, Cashier at a well known retail chain, Bra Specialist (yes you read that right) for a hip teenage brand, Cashier for a BIG BOX store, and Cashier for a fast casual restaurant. Working since the day it was legal, she knows what hard work, long hours and dedication could bring. Brought up in a house of Engineers the shock of going to “design” school nearly tumbled her parents over.

Abagail quickly found her passion in the classroom. She would dream up new brands, store concepts and crazy packaging ideas. And eventually built her first website. She went out into the “real-world” expecting to find her dreams waiting behind her big girl desk. Before realizing her creative expectations were better met building the business of her dreams she tried out the traditional agency experience, non-profit education and corporate America.

I enjoy getting to know my clients, knowing their background, their successes and frustrations. In a cube, it is hard to meet these needs. So this is my drop-ditch effort to be back “with” people.

Abagail has a background in advertising and freelance, designing and dreaming, consulting and teaching. She has worked in and with a variety of industries including: automotive, aviation, agriculture, banking and finance, education, engineering, film, food, health care, law, music, photography, science, theater and television. She has worked with brands of all shapes and sizes, including some well known names like Coca-Cola, Nike, Jo-Ann's Fabrics and Crafts, 7-Eleven, Northern Tool, and more.

Abagail studied Fine Art in Graphic Design at Kansas State University and received a minor in Business Administration.